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Wedding party Traditions in Lebanon

Getting married in Lebanon can be a difficult process. It is an Arab nation with a mainly Muslim public. There are many requirements that needs to be met. Typically, the wedding will involve loads of guests, including fireworks.

A wedding service in Lebanon begins in the church. A priest will accomplish the ceremony and will place a flower top on the star of the event and groom’s heads. Then, a procession of cars can accompany the bride and groom to the reception.

A wedding wedding cake is typically made of barley or wheat. The sweet taste of the wedding cake symbolizes the sweetness with the couple’s new life mutually. The groom’s parents then present the star of the event with a product, typically a gold necklace.

Before the marriage, a family member need to reveal the personal information to the couple. This information is important because it will help the couple know their forthcoming status.

Being married in Lebanon is considered a very big-deal. It’s a tradition which has been around for centuries, dating to ancient Roman times. The groom’s parents travel to the bride’s residence to present the bride with the gift. Following your gift is certainly presented, the couple is going to cut the cake. The bride and groom definitely will afterward exchange a kiss. The bride’s parents will then take the bride away of their home.

A wedding in Lebanon is an extremely elaborate function. The star of the event and groom are sometimes dressed in very elegant dresses. Some of them wear tiaras and blossom crowns. You will also find plenty international dating for filipina women of accents lebanese woman and fireworks.

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